Fresh leadership for Warren

I recently learned that my friend Toni Moceri is running for Warren City Council in the upcoming primaries on August 7, 2007. She is one of 44 candidates, and I think she may be the youngest person running for election.

This caught my attention because some readers may be familiar with my previous posts reporting the brutal killing of Hmong teen Chonburi Xiong by Warren police. Warren is historically a white working class city, and the dramatic demographic change it’s been experiencing in the past 20 years requires new, fresh leadership like Moceri’s.

Moceri’s politics are good; she is a friend of Detroit Summer and supporter of efforts to seek justice for Chonburi Xiong. I suspect that Warren politics are run by an “old-boy’s network”, so I can only imagine how challenging it will be for a candidate like Moceri to penetrate into its power structure. Regardless, what I like most about Moceri as a candidate is that she is a young person who is returning to where she grew up to help foster positive change in her own community. Perhaps Moceri can pioneer to build a campaign, similar to the League of Young Voters model, to plant some seeds of young political leadership in the Detroit metro area.

How to get involved in Toni Moceri campaign:

  1. Donate! Your financial contribution will help make this campaign a reality. Online donations can be made at:
  2. Spread the Word! Please ask any family, friends, and colleagues that care about Warren and southeastern Michigan (or cities and governance in general) to support my campaign. Then tell them to contact their friends and colleagues. I have attached my Campaign Strategic Plan so that you will know all the details regarding my candidacy and why others should support it.
  3. Volunteer! Contact the campaign to help on all aspects of the campaign. A goal of this campaign is to bring people together and have fun. Any time you are able to volunteer or support of any kind you are able to offer will be greatly appreciated.

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