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Thanks Mary for sharing this “open letter” by Phonte. It captures a lot of what I’ve been trying to articulate about Michael Jackson and my frustration with the U.S. media’s portrayal of his life and work. R.I.P Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)

My Hero Ain’t Molest Them Bitch Ass Kids: A Kaing’s Tribute

I haven’t been compelled to blog in a long time.

In an era where everybody is twittering and text-messaging their lives away, a well-thought out essay that extends past 140 characters is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

But when our universe lost its brightest star on June 25, 2009, I felt a deep, overwhelming sadness that I haven’t experienced in many years and I felt moved to say….something.

My hero, Michael Joseph Jackson, is dead.

Honestly I’m still trying to process it, almost like the loss of a much-loved family member. I mean, hell, to many of us Michael WAS family. Much like Nike, or Coca-Cola, or McDonalds, Michael Jackson wasn’t so much a person as he was a living, breathing, American institution; a ubiquitous force that has seemingly existed forever and one that we couldn’t imagine a world without. Seeing Michael onstage was less like watching a musician perform and more akin to witnessing a magician at work.

But contrary to his otherworldly stage presence and magical aura, the man we called The King of Pop proved to be a mere mortal. And now my hero, Michael Joseph Jackson, is dead.

What isn’t dead, unfortunately, is the cloud of false accusations, unsubstantiated rumors, myths, slander, and outright lies that surround his life and his legacy. The greatest myth regarding Michael Jackson is that he was a pedophile who preyed on young children. Continue Reading »

Sometimes there are moments that I don’t think it’s true. But it is — this moment that I hadn’t anticipated on happening has clearly come – we have a presidential candidate who not only engenders our belief in his ability and integrity, but pushes us to transform ourselves.

Obama has a subtle and beautiful undertone in all his messaging. He’s talking about all of us doing this thing called democracy together. He can’t get away from the spotlight and the adulation that many, myself included, project onto him, but I think he’s asking us to become something higher than ourselves.

Obama’s the first presidential candidate that has successfully built a campaign around Gandhi’s “be the change you want to see in the world”. This is where I love that his background as an organizer. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone effectively articulate the need for each of us to become engaged in the process, rather than spouting more politics-as-usual rhetoric. This is the kind of leadership this country needs.

Here are some things that I came across this past week that personally inspired me about Obama, his future presidency, and the potential that we can all become:

I have a small confession; I like to watch CBS Sunday Morning. If you have ever seen this news show, you’ll know that it is catered to a much older (than me) audience, mostly because it doesn’t use a lot of flashly graphics, and I don’t know of very many mid-twenty year olds that wake up before 9 am on Sunday to watch the news. But I’ll save why I like CBS Sunday Morning for a separate post. Anyway, I learned about Alice Smith from CBS Sunday Morning (pretty lame, I’m sure), and I’ve been hooked ever since I listened to her entire album. She came to NYC to perform at Joe’s Pub. Here’s a video clip I took from my digital camera. Hopefully you’ll be able to see what a talented singer she is from the short clip. And yes, that’s Me’Shell NdegéOcello playing bass in the back!


Sent off the rest of my grad school applications yesterday!

Working on personal statements, statements of purpose, etc. has sucked a lot of my writing energies away from blogging. Mailing off that last packet was quite a relief. Thank you all for helping me through the process by reading, editing, proofing, encouraging and supporting!

In other news: Lately I’ve been using this neat music service called Pandora, and it’s been an interesting way of coming across new musicians. Pandora allows you to create “radio stations” of a particular artist you enjoy listening to, and it will find and play similar music as that artist.

A review of this new CD came across my inbox recently. There are some sample tracks included in the review, and I like what I hear so far. Hope to get my hands on a copy soon!

1. I Can’t See Nobody (Daniel Y. Remix)
2. Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter (Jazzeem’s All Styles Remix)
3. Ain’t Got No – I Got Life (Groovefinder Remix)
4. Save Me (Coldcut Remix)
5. Turn Me On (Tony Humphries Got U Turned On Dub)
6. Here Comes The Sun (François K. Remix)
7. Westwind (Organica Remix)
8. Go To Hell (Mowo Remix)
9. My Man’s Gone Now (DJ Wally Remix)
10. The Look Of Love (Madison Park vs. Lenny B Remix)
11. O-o-h Child (Nickodemus Remix)
12. To Love Somebody (Chris Coco’s Stadium Rocker Remix)
13. Obeah Woman (DJ Logic Remix)