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Here are some scenes I took from this year’s NYC Pride. It was a beautiful thing to see so many family taking over the streets!

This weekend, my spirit goes out to those who have been busting their asses to make the Allied Media Conference happen and all who are attending this weekend. This former Detroiter didn’t make it back to see our city shine its brightest, but I’m thrilled to see the live coverage that’s already taking place over the web. Gotta love the blogging community and a big shout out to the WoC blogging caucus! I’ve really been enjoying My Ecdysis’s coverage of it. I’m excited to see how the conference will impact the way we organize in our various communities over the next year.

The writing is punchy and imaginative, and I imagine that if read aloud, the short chapters would sound like spoken word. I’m really digging how the author captures the experience of waiting for a train:

This is the fabled journey underground, folks, and it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. On the opposite track it’s a field of greener grass, you gotta beat trains off with a stick…The postures on the platform sag of stiffen appropriately. With a dial controlling the amount of static. What are their rooms like, the men at the microphones…Look down the tunnel one more time and your behavior will describe a psychiatric disorder. It’s infectious. They take turns looking down into darkness and the platform is a clock: the more people standing dumb, the more time has passed since the last train. The people fall from above into hourglass dunes. Collect like seconds.

A moment of silence to reflect on the legacy of Vincent Chin (6.19.82).

I recently learned that my friend Toni Moceri is running for Warren City Council in the upcoming primaries on August 7, 2007. She is one of 44 candidates, and I think she may be the youngest person running for election.

This caught my attention because some readers may be familiar with my previous posts reporting the brutal killing of Hmong teen Chonburi Xiong by Warren police. Warren is historically a white working class city, and the dramatic demographic change it’s been experiencing in the past 20 years requires new, fresh leadership like Moceri’s.

Moceri’s politics are good; she is a friend of Detroit Summer and supporter of efforts to seek justice for Chonburi Xiong. I suspect that Warren politics are run by an “old-boy’s network”, so I can only imagine how challenging it will be for a candidate like Moceri to penetrate into its power structure. Regardless, what I like most about Moceri as a candidate is that she is a young person who is returning to where she grew up to help foster positive change in her own community. Perhaps Moceri can pioneer to build a campaign, similar to the League of Young Voters model, to plant some seeds of young political leadership in the Detroit metro area.

How to get involved in Toni Moceri campaign: Continue Reading »

I was in Michigan last weekend for a short visit and a knee docter appointment (which I’m happy to report that I passed with flying colors!). Driving through the barren, calming roads of Detroit was a stark contrast to the fast-paced congestion of Manhattan. Most of all, it reminded me that there are many blog posts and reflections that are long overdue, particularly the one below, which I promised back in April.

During the process of applying to graduate school, I wrote a lot about how Detroit and how this city has been a generous teacher to me, helping me get on the track to pursue a degree in landscape architecture. I was too paranoid to post any text from my personal statements, for fear of jeopardizing my application, whether or not I had any real evidence to support this fear. Now that I’ve been admitted to school, I feel better about posting a blog-appropriate version of my personal statement.

In the spirit of BFP’s Radical Michigan Blogging Carnival, I submit my entry (4 months late!) about why Detroit/Michigan holds a special place in my heart. And for ways to get further acquainted with the cool things that make up the Detroit/Michigan area, check out the Allied Media Conference 2007 (June 22-24) and Critical Bloggers community. Continue Reading »