Something’s gotta give

Obama didn’t win the primaries in Pennsylvania. But with Clinton winning PA by a decent margin, we remain gridlocked. Something’s gotta give. I sense that some folks are losing steam, and I’m hearing more from people that they want this process to be over. I, too, confess that thoughts of Obama not winning the ticket occur more frequently. Corporate media doesn’t help, and their sound bites reduce the heart-and-soul of Obama’s message into sterile political stunts. Their poor analyses spin Obama voters into a composite of young, affluent, educated, and African-American. (Turn off CNN!)

Still, I’ve dug my own deep Obama trench and am unwilling to leave at this moment. I look over at Hillary’s camp, and I see a reinforcement of the power structure. Anything’s better than Bush, but I want a great leap forward, I want to us “push our humanity” by voting in an Obama presidency. Maybe people aren’t ready for that tough road..but if not now, then when?

I’m relieved that here in Philadelphia, we passed with flying colors. I smiled seeing overly-excited college students with their Barack the Vote shirts out in the streets today. The vibe in the West Philly office on 52nd street was upbeat. Door-knocking in West Philly, I was greeted with folks who were mostly friendly, and there were plently of Obama yard signs proudly displayed. A postal worker stopped to chat, saying that she previously voted Republican and decided to register as a Democrat so that she could vote for Obama. They tried to tell her that her vote wouldn’t count, but she walked into the polls and demanded to fill out a provisional ballot.


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