Volunteering for Obama in South Carolina

For MLK Weekend, my partner and I took a road trip down to South Carolina to volunteer for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. It’s been a minute since I’ve thought about electoral politics and even the prospect of electoral organizing. To say the least, I had become a bit disillusioned with the process. But we had some prospects of doing some interesting work since one of our college friends is the deputy field director in South Carolina. The 8-hour drive seemed worth it to me and I’ve never been excited about a presidential candidate before.

For a long time, I didn’t put my hat in for any candidate. Then a friend handed me Obama’s book “Dreams from my Father” to read and I was instantly hooked. I realized I knew little of Obama at that point, and was pleasantly surprised to read that he worked as a community organizer in south Chicago.

I’m going to try my best to do some live blogging while I’m here at the Obama Headquarters in Columbia, SC. Keep checking for more updates.

Some links about Obama’s campaign that are of interest to me:


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