Mid-Autumn Festival in Philly Chinatown

Last Saturday I went to check out the Mid-Autumn Festival organized by Asian Americans United and the Philadelphia Folklore Project. The first time I had heard about this event was several years ago through my involvment with the Detroit Asian Youth Project and our efforts to engage youth with cultural arts and activism. There’s a really dope documentary that tells the story behind the festival that captures the goals to use folk arts to build intergenerational relationships, pass down cultural traditions and build a stronger sense of community.

Walking through Chinatown, there was a wonderful vibe from the festival and the hundreds of young people and families walking around. I was impressed with the level of youth outreach; it was mostly young people serving as “security” and looking out for their peers. And boy was it ever a scene for the teenagers! We made it in time to see the parade led by a group of lion dancers. I was able to get my fair share of moon cake and excellent Chinese seafood. The parade was followed by a series of formal performances by a karate demonstrations, traditional dancing and other Asian/Asian American performers. Each performance was preceded by translations in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

What a nice change to leave the confines of the studio and be with the people!

  1. Such a pleasant post! I am so delighted you decided to publish it.

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