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The writing is punchy and imaginative, and I imagine that if read aloud, the short chapters would sound like spoken word. I’m really digging how the author captures the experience of waiting for a train:

This is the fabled journey underground, folks, and it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. On the opposite track it’s a field of greener grass, you gotta beat trains off with a stick…The postures on the platform sag of stiffen appropriately. With a dial controlling the amount of static. What are their rooms like, the men at the microphones…Look down the tunnel one more time and your behavior will describe a psychiatric disorder. It’s infectious. They take turns looking down into darkness and the platform is a clock: the more people standing dumb, the more time has passed since the last train. The people fall from above into hourglass dunes. Collect like seconds.


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