Today I pack up my belongings into my car to complete my move to New York City/Brooklyn. While living in Detroit, I remember lamenting over the handful of folks who decide to leave the city each year, for whatever reason. It is not my intention to be that person who couldn’t see the beauty of what is taking place in the city.

Rather, I’m on a pursuit to become a landscape architect/designer and trying figure out how to pull together my background as a community organizer into this new path. In putting a lot of my writing energies into composing a reflective and honest personal statement for grad school applications, I realized that much of what I wrote was about Detroit and its people that impacted my life.

Sharing the text of my personal statement seemed like the perfect way to give tribute to Detroit and to the residents who are continuing to lay the seeds of social change. I will post my Love Letter to Detroit as soon as I hear back from schools, so regrettably, I must ask you to check back in April for the tribute. 😉


  1. Travel safely. I wish you all the best!!! Hey, you’re closer to me now. Yay!!!! (Doing a lil’ dance for wsoftheart)

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