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I found out about this clip from Reappropriate and Angry Asian Man. Go ahead and watch Rosie O’Donnell’s very own “ching chong” moment.

Did you hear the gong at the end of the clip? I’ll continue to be amazed at how this kind of joke will never get old to some people. You can be queer a lesbian and understand homophobia but still be an ignorant racist white person.

Y. Carrington has an interesting analysis that examines the role of orientalism and racism in dominant US culture.

Send a letter to ABC using this online form.

Also, read this open letter that NYC Councilmember John Liu wrote in response to the incident.


On June 22, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the unlawful Iraq War and occupation.

As the order to take part in an illegal act is ultimately unlawful as well, I must refuse that order.

I haven’t seen very much coverage outside the west coast regarding the actions of Lt. Ehren Watada. He’s been formally charged with contempt towards President Bush, conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, and missing movement.The charges of contempt have since been dropped. However, Watada may still face four years in prison, and the trial is set to occur in early 2007. Much respect to Lt. Watada for his courage to speak out against the war as a military officer. It is wonderful to see that even his parents have take his side to publicly support his campaign.

On, there is a wonderful action sheet that lists 7 ways to support Lt. Watada: Continue Reading »

[There are] concerns involving “And Tango Makes Three,” the illustrated children’s book based on a true story of two male penguins in New York City’s Central Park Zoo that adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick as their own. Complaining about the book’s homosexual undertones, some parents of Shiloh Elementary School students believe the book — available to be checked out of the school’s library in this 11,000-resident town 20 miles east of St. Louis — tackles topics their children aren’t ready to handle.

I want to applaud Superintendent Jennifer Filyaw of Illinois for not giving in to the reactionary, homophobic fears some parents have voiced about the children’s book entitled “And Tango Makes Three”. Filyaw is not removing the book from the shelves, nor is she moving them to the adult section. Interestingly enough, the article also shares that adoptions often occur in the penguin world, and I’ve read similar things with other animal species. I hadn’t heard of “And Tango Makes Three” prior to the news article and am eager to find a copy of it somewhere and read it myself. Has anyone seen a copy in Michigan? Good news — I came across a copy of the book at a nearby Borders, located in the non-fiction children’s section. The story is adorable, and the best part is that it’s based off of actual circumstances at the New York City Zoo. I can see why Illinois parents were concerned and made many assumptions. Still the story is not explicitly “homosexual”, though it was affirming for me to read as a queer person.

If you know any young children, the book makes a great holiday gift!

Full article from Assoicate Press below:
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The Detroit Free Press recently published a great feature on Professor Bunyan Bryant, former teacher and mentor to me when I did my stint at U-M. What I have always appreciated about Bryant is his dedication to students, and his passion to push the envelope in academia, challenging traditional notions of epistemology and research.

A response to social and environmental issues at both the national and international levels is the environmental justice movement…it touches upon every sphere of human endeavor. And although we have embarked upon an era of environmental destruction unprecedented in modern times, and although social conditions for many in this country and throughout the world have failed to improve to any significant extent, the environmental justice movement, drawing its strength from both the grassroots and academia, has the potential to change the way we do business in this country and throughout the world profoundly.

I’ve also admired Bryant’s unconventional approaches to engaging students and community members about environmental justice, using theater of the oppressed exercises and other popular education methods.  My own experiences applying these techniques in workshops and trainings have also left me with profound moments of connection and solidarity with participants.

I originally saw this video of Danny Hoch from Jeff Chang‘s website. In this clip, Hoch shares an anecdote/commentary about Seinfield, Kramer and the Hollywood industry. Nice expose.