White privilege: The double standard

I appreciated reading this article about the 1 million+ scholarships available for white ethnic groups, providing clear perspective of how much money exists to support white privilege. I am not necessarily advocating that these scholarships be eliminated because they do serve a purpose for some communities, and certainly there are many white folks living in poverty that could use this kind of monetary support (side note: I wonder how many people from those communities actually receive anything like this). However, there should be nothing wrong with scholarships made available for people of color, women, differently-abled, queer folks, single mothers, etc.

Here’s a highlight from the artlce:

To expose the glaring hypocrisy and double standards that the group is self-righteously engaging in I did a quick Internet search on various “white” ethnic scholarship search terms and got large number of hits. If Joe is so opposed to scholarships that have an ethnic focus, I would suggest he include in his noble crusade ethnic scholarships for students from the following ethnicities as well:

Number of returned results on Google for the following searches:
Polish-American scholarships ~ 57,100
Irish American scholarships ~ 131,000
Italian American scholarships ~ 223,000
Jewish scholarships ~ 808,000
German American scholarships ~ 142,000

There many examples of these double standards. During the peak of anti-Asian immigration policies in the U.S., here were millions of European immigrants coming into the country during the 1800s to the early 1900s (over 5 million German; 3 million Swedish; 4 million Italians; 2 million Polish; over 4 million Irish; 3 million Russian immigrants). I’m also reminded of how the University of Michigan’s undergraduate admission’s “point system” was under attack in 2003. While the 20 points given to Black, Latino and Native applicants were contested at the U.S Supreme Court level, there was little debate about the legacy points, underrepresented geographic areas, and Provost’s discretion. I would place my bets that many of these categories would be allotted to mostly white applicants.


  1. The weatlhy white men behind all of these anti affirmative action campaigns are doing what they have always done very well. Divide and conquer, the poor and the people of color. There is an active campaign of disinformation regarding these white ethnic scholarships. Most white people aren’t even aware of them. Especially the people that actually need them.

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