Environmental Justice pioneer

The Detroit Free Press recently published a great feature on Professor Bunyan Bryant, former teacher and mentor to me when I did my stint at U-M. What I have always appreciated about Bryant is his dedication to students, and his passion to push the envelope in academia, challenging traditional notions of epistemology and research.

A response to social and environmental issues at both the national and international levels is the environmental justice movement…it touches upon every sphere of human endeavor. And although we have embarked upon an era of environmental destruction unprecedented in modern times, and although social conditions for many in this country and throughout the world have failed to improve to any significant extent, the environmental justice movement, drawing its strength from both the grassroots and academia, has the potential to change the way we do business in this country and throughout the world profoundly.

I’ve also admired Bryant’s unconventional approaches to engaging students and community members about environmental justice, using theater of the oppressed exercises and other popular education methods.  My own experiences applying these techniques in workshops and trainings have also left me with profound moments of connection and solidarity with participants.


  1. joyce

    that’s a great quote. i’m interested to find out more about this professor.

    i stumbled upon your blog randomly one day. i’m quite sure who you are, but i think we might have some mutual connections through UM’s UAAO/DAY/project lighthouse. you have some great entries–just letting you know who your readers are. 🙂

  2. Monique

    Most of us never realize who are great teachers when we have them. It take an open soul to see the lessons in front of our faces and acknowledge the teachers from whom they come.

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