Danny Hoch exposes Seinfield

I originally saw this video of Danny Hoch from Jeff Chang‘s website. In this clip, Hoch shares an anecdote/commentary about Seinfield, Kramer and the Hollywood industry. Nice expose.


  1. wow! totally not surprising tho, huh?

  2. I think we knew the whole time. Seinfeld’s New York wasn’t whitewashed by accident. “Kramer” didn’t light the Puerto Rican flag on fire by accident, no matter what the script wanted you to believe.

    Michael Richards played Kramer for ten years. For many folks, he never stopped being Kramer. I think he was sick of being Kramer.

    I’ve got a feeling that Michael Richards, in his reflection and healing, is gonna expose Jerry Seinfeld in a way that Danny Hoch never could.

  3. Y. Carrington, I agree with you — this “expose” is nothing surprising to me. White folks’ racism, conscious or not, is nothing surprising. What I like about Hoch’s anecdote is that it was an act of out as a fellow white male person in industry and calling his own peers out. I don’t know how “risky” it was for him to do it, but I don’t see enough white allies do that on a regular. The “usual suspects”, like Tim Wise or Peggy McIntosh, are doing great work, but at a certain more people need to step up so they don’t become the usual talking heads. White folks educating other white people, now that’s another blog in itself.

  1. 1 Women of Color Blog » Danny Hoch on Seinfeild and Hollywood

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