Update: Fundraiser for Hmong victim’s family in Warren

Below is an update about some organizing efforts relating to the Hmong youth who was shot 27 times by Warren police.

On September 17, 18 year old Chon Buri Xiong was fatally shot 27 times in his home by Warren police. The Xiong family has suffered a great tragedy and is very upset about the incident. However, the Macomb County Prosecutor has closed the case, stating that the police officers were justified in their actions. The Xiong Family’s side of the story has not been taken seriously by the authorities, or by the media which has only written from the police perspective. The Xiong family needs money to help cover funeral and housing expenses. Every donation will contribute greatly.

Please contact dayproject (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to send a donation, or get involved.

Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project was launched in 2004 and works with Asian American youth in Detroit to develop leadership skills and raise awareness for social justice. DAY Project engages in community-based projects that foster a greater understanding of Detroit and its Asian American community.


  1. Monique

    Is there an address where checks can be sent? And to whom should they be addressed?

  2. Yes, there is. I will email you the information. For future readers who would like to make a donation, please send an email to dayproject (at) gmail (dot) com. They will provide the information on where to send donations. Thanks for the support!

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