Detroiters Dream for Children

A while ago, I had written about an initiative taking place in Detroit, where parents are coming together to create a “child-friendly” Detroit. This group of parents, now named Detroiters Dream for Children, is hosting another gathering on Sunday, November 19th. Along with the recent Detroit Summer potluck celebrating the Hopes & Aspirations of Detroit’s youth, it’s exciting to know that folks are coming together to bring renewed hope to the city.

We are the parents of (and supporters of) Detroiters children: past, present and future.

We aspire to raise our children in a Detroit that is full of beauty , playfulness and love.

Please join “Detroiters Dream for Children” as we work together to make that dream a reality.

Share your ideas and aspirations for creating a more child-friendly, family-friendly Detroit, and enjoy conversation, comoradorie (and child care!).

For more information about Detroiters Dream for Children, please email us at detroitersdream (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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