Political campaigning in Detroit

Election Day in Michigan is coming, and the race for Governor is pretty contentious. Dick DeVos has been plastering his billboards all over the city of Detroit. He has the audacity (and money) to make that kind of statement in a pro-Democrat city. So, the other day my roommate and I stumbled upon this great billboard, located near the intersection of Michigan Ave and Rosa Parks, near the ramp onto I-75. Kudos to the creativity and reclamation of a city billboard!


  1. HA! That is absolutly fabulous!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

  1. 1 Voter Guide to Detroit/Michigan Elections « wsoft.heart

    […] Governor: JENNIFER GRANHOLM As an environmentalist, I wasn’t that impressed with what she and her administration was able to carry out during her last term. But it was a much better scene than the nightmare of Engler. Overall, I believe in Granholm’s potential. And I can’t bring myself to let her opponent win. […]

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