Indy film on Japanese American member of Black Panther Party

A friend sent me this trailer for an independent documentary film on Japanese American Richard Aoki, who was a Field Marshall in the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA.

While there are certainly important critiques/reflections about the work of the Black Panther Party, I think it’s important to document the alliances and solidarity that has historically happened among communities of color. So often racism manifests itself in communities of color in which we fight with, or are fearful of, each other. Vijay Prashad has also done some interesting research about the historical, international relationship between people of Black and Asian decent in his book entitled, “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting”.


  1. That’s hot. I didn’t know about him, I look forward to hearing about this joint when ti comes around. Though I’m sure it’s going to be hard to find it. Oh and was that Eldridge Cleaver’s wife???? She looked a hot mess!!

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