Blogging for beginners

Josh, a colleague/friend and saavy community media organizer, has a great introduction to blogging on his website. I’ve found it really useful for those who are just starting out like myself. So much to learn!

So in the spirit of showing gratitude, I want to thank the folks who have inspired me to explore this blogging thing for myself. The first time I actually considered blogging happened when at a panel I attended at this year’s AMC about women of color bloggers: Thank you, Brownfemipower and blac(k)ademic, for affirming our voices as women of color/queer people of color, and for insisting that we tell our stories. Thanks, omnicrisis for creating and developing a really dope blog. Thanks LucidAmbition for constantly blogging in our apartment. And thanks, blackatmichigan for being one of the first POC blogs that I started reading. There are many others to thank, and it’s getting late, so you’ll be getting some blog time on future posts.


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