Pain and anger: Warren Police shoot Hmong youth 27 times

I heard about this incident a week ago. But my own anger and pain just caught up to me. Last night I cried my heart out.

Detroit News – Official: Shooting by police ‘justified’
Autopsy: 27 bullet wounds in teenager killed by Warren police


  1. Mofree

    Its impossible to cry your heart out, crying is your heart breathing , feeling, and cleansing. You are a warrier soft heart. xoxo

  2. As I read the news article my heart began to beat fast, that excited anger and indignation that I feel when I encounter injustice. How can a person being shot 27 times be justified?

    There is never a justification for terrorism. This shooting is evidence of the Warren police devolution from profiling harassers to murderous terrorist

  3. s. smith

    For all the people that leave comments about anger and pain:
    First get the story straight, they shot Hmong 27 times because its was dark and they couldnt see if they hit him or not. I bet if any one was put in a room with someone shooting at you they would shoot back many times. The officers feared for their lives and their partners. It was self defense even though he was hit 27 times.

  4. S. Smith,

    The victim’s name was Chonburi Xiong, not “Hmong”. In fact, Hmong was his ethnicity — the Hmong people historically live in Laos, and many who now live in the US came here as refugees because they were allies to the US during the Vietnam War.

    The fact of the matter is that the story of what actually happened is still unknown, and the media certainly has not gotten the story straight at all. In fact, all of the news stories before December 2006 have so many holes in the police reports that they reveal many discrepancies in what happened. The Warren police has deemed the police actions “justified”, but they have left many questions unanswered for the public. Did the victim actually fire back? Did the police have a warrant to enter the house? If the young victim was sleeping, why didn’t they take other measures to make sure they arrested him without resulting in violent force? Did they have information that this youth was armed and dangerous? Did the police take any steps to de-escalate the situation? These are some of the questions that would help the public understand what actually took place.

    The latest that news media has reported is that the family has filed a lawsuit against the Warren police:

  5. get real!

    You misinformed lemming! No, the kid did not shoot back…HE SHOT FIRST! The only way to get a bullet directly into your fist and up your forearm is if you are pointing at the person shooting you. It just so happens that this punk not only beat up his parents, fired shots into the ceiling of the house and then stolen the family truck all the night before, but when the officers saw the truck back the nex morning, they went to check to make sure the family was not dead from this crazy, gang-banging lunatic. They were let into the house by his sister and directed to the basement. If you have 4 UNIFORMED officers standing at the foot of your bed, it is probably not in your best interest to pull a gun from under your pillow and point it at them. You can’t get much more “de-escalated” than loser boy sleeping. Keep in mind tht if the officers saw the truck in the driveway and did not stop to check on the family, you crying, pathetic, bleeding hearts would be screaming that the police did not do anything to protect the family. Get real!

  6. I’m sorry to hear you have so much anger about the situation, especially towards the victim, as well as against those of s who sympathize at the loss of a life, no matter how troubled that life was. I understand that the victim had a “colored” background and didn’t hang out with the “right crowd”. Though I am not a parent, I can only imagine the pain and anguish that his family is going through at the lost of a son.

  7. This is Reality

    Police are trained to shoot and kill, but damn… unloading whole clips on a kid in bed!!?? There were 4 guns, 4 cops and each glock holds anywhere from 15 to 20 rounds – they were having a field day, crazier than the indoor shooting range these cops train at. And remeber that they were in a basement room and had to have been just a few feet away from the victim.
    Even if it was dark, I’ve shot at soda cans with a 9mm 50ft away, that was easy. And police, nor anyone for that matter, are never trained to blind fire. And that’s why everyone is so pissed off. It’s almost worst than Rodney King, but that guy lived and was able to raise his voice – Xiong is dead, and his parents don’t even speak English.
    So until you (get real!) mysteriously wake up one day as a colored person, you’ll never truly understand.

  8. S. smith and get real need to really get real. wsoftheart, you really are a warrior because I would have no time for these clowns. I wouldn’t even respond. I’m also that girl that was angry before I read the article so don’t ask my how I feel. STAY strong.

    Someone pleaseeee tell me what justifies shooting someone 27 times? In what case? If the person is still alive after the first round, I would run because it must be meant for them to be alive. If those cops were worried about the family getting hurt why would they be firing in the dark? This is ridiculousness on top of ridiculousness.

  9. Yes, thanks for all the recent comments expressing sympathy and compassion for the Xiong family. As the facts are (slowly, and with a lot of community effort) coming out, we are learning that Xiong, in fact, did NOT shoot at the police first. And that the existence of a warrant is in question. No wonder why comments from perspectives like S. Smith and Get Real (who sound like the same person) have quieted.

  10. laikhe_rvn

    It is a tragic thing when anyone’s life is taken. This young man may have lost his way, and was not able to find his path back.

    My heart goes out to the Hmong living here in this country. The Hmong people served bravely during the Vietnam war and the American government turned their back on them in order to put an end to the war they served in.

    The police have a dirty job to do that no one else will touch. There is nothing more dangerous than a fearful person with a loaded gun.

  11. ahmonggirl

    s.smith is whatever race hating on the HMONG and he/she is fucking backing up the wrong shit they did. *sorry but right now I have zero tolerance towards anyone who has no sympathy* You do not even want to hear me explain the anger boiling inside me!!!!*ergh*

  12. Lee Ann

    My heart goes out to the Hmong Community and those others who are effected by this. The Hmong people are brave warriors who fought along side with the United States. Without the Hmong People, we would have had twice the Prisoners of War and deaths we had then. They gave up their lives for the Americans just to saved them when their planes crashed in the enemy’s territory. They served their homes for those the Americans who were shot and killed. Smith and Get Real, have respect for the Hmong people…you ‘could’ be thanking them for your lives one day…because thousands of Americans who fought along side with the Hmongs, did.

    IN regards to Xiong, being shot 27 times is police brutality. My prayers goes out to each one of you whom is finding justice and especially for the family. Good Luck and have Faith….:)

  13. hmong

    wat the fawk, fawk anybody who fawk with us. They wanna hate and play game, killing somebody than say it’s an accident. Fawk wat everybody say. I’m staying true to my root. How would u feel is somebody kill someone u no and say that they were scare when they got the gun. fawk that. Just because you got the right to kill, that doesn’t you kill then and than shoot their dead body over again.

  14. look at this

    fawk S. smith

  15. Chor Lor

    This was one of my closest friends…..imagine if he was a close friend of yours. If you say this “slaying” of my buddy was justified, then now I know why so many people hate the
    police. Justice my ass….

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